Our Happy Board Recipients Say …

“WOW! That looks awesome. Awesome! AWESOME!!!
Trevor, PostNet

“We love the board!  We put our daily specials on it and that makes our server’s job easier. We also enjoy taking a picture around it every day (with the specials) and posting to our Facebook page.”
Jennifer, manager Blackwater Bistro.

“The board looks great, it will help me with getting info to the congregation and being able to move it around really helps spotlight the info.”
Barbara, church secretary

“I love this! It looks great!”
Victor, restaurant owner

“Oh my goodness, this looks better than I envisioned! The church can use this board in many different ways! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us.”
Dr. Bill, priest

“Thanks. It looks great! Some of the Sponsors have already seen it, and they are pleased.”
LeeAnn, restaurant general manager

“The board allows me to get my realtor information out to the church family without me being too pushy.”
Meade, realtor