OOH Advertising

OOH is a descriptive acronym for Out of Home advertising. OOH advertising holds the honor of being the first form of mass advertising and continues to provide effective and affordable visibility for businesses. In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics were carved onto stone tablets and placed alongside roads to communicate sales messages. In Pompeii and Rome, paintings appeared on walls, in a practice similar to today’s use of roadside billboards.

OOH includes billboards, posters, signage, car wraps, and yes, erasable boards! Of all these forms of OOH advertising, erasable boards are the most affordable and flexible – they’re even mobile!

Key Benefits of OOH Advertising

  1. Cost Effective: An erasable board sponsorship is about $33/month for one year of exposure!
  2. Attention Grabbing: Our minds are naturally inclined to notice visual board elements such as the size and colors. Because the average humans’ span attention lasts only for 7 to 8 seconds, TV ads that take 10 to 30 seconds can be easily ignored or forgotten.
  3. Coverage: Reach a broader market compared to other media. OOH makes it affordable to cast your net a little farther and catch some customers you may have overlooked with targeted marketing.
  4. Brand Awareness: OOH ads are naturally appealing to the human brain. Frequent exposure makes your brand memorable.

What is a ‘sponsorship facilitator’?

It means I connect business owners to other business owners (b2b) and / or to community organizations (b2c). Together we’ll target the right location to display your ad – places like a:

  • popular café
  • neighborhood church
  • non-profit organization like a historical or cultural society or a club (Toastmasters, American Legion, Elk’s Lodge).

My role is much like a matchmaker. I want to learn as much as I can about you and your business, so I can build a bridge from you to a local organization that is aligned with your values and goals. That’s why Piper Promotions is the next best thing to word of mouth referrals!

Eve Alexander

About Eve Alexander

As a small business owner myself, I believe in the power of visibility marketing.

  • Billboards are very big and the cost is beyond the budget of most small business owners.
  • Smaller types of visibility marketing like hotel key sleeves are easily overlooked and forgotten.
  • Colorful and reasonably priced erasable boards are just right!

My other company is SW Florida Walking Tours of Punta Gorda. I know the struggle to get your business in front of the right people.

  • Newspaper and magazine ads are short-lived.
  • Social media marketing is complicated and only reaches people who use those networks.
  • Google, Yelp and other search engines give you little to no control of your listings and reviews.
  • And all of these options are expensive!

I’ve learned from real-life experience the best customers are those who come from word of mouth referrals because:

  • they’ve already heard positive reviews about your product or business
  • they share similar values as the people who referred them to you
  • they’re less likely to engage with you in a negative manner

About Elite Erase

I am the only authorized distributor for Elite Erase in the towns of North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Englewood in southwest Florida. Elite Erase is the nation’s leading provider of custom-designed erase boards for advertising. Elite Erase has been serving the small business community since 1985!

Elite Erase Board